A different take on the rules of life.

Rules for a good and fulfilled life
Rules for a good and fulfilled life

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Recently I had a grown-up conversation with my teen son. It was about the rules of life making for a good, fulfilled, and abundant time on this Earth.

I’m sharing what I told my son with you.

I often joke that learning the rules is necessary to break them intelligently, and perhaps am not best suited to write about the rules of life. Here is the thing:

It is not an option to living life with no rules. We all must master the core imperatives of life and exercise our freedom within their margins…

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How much did your mum tell you about money?

Because my mum was a wonderful woman but sharing truths about money was not one of her strengths.

She shared only money wisdom with me, and at the time I didn’t even know how valuable it is.

I was leaving home to go to university. My mum looked at me and said:

“Learn to control money or money will control you.”

Thanks, mum. What am I supposed to do with this?

It took me decades to work out what my mum meant and even longer to learn to control my money

money like a rapper
money like a rapper
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Do you love your money, or are you mistreating it?

If you are anything like me, you’d need money wisdom and you should get it where you find it.

My relationship with money used to be a bit like Voltaire’s relationship with God — we said hello, but we didn’t talk much.

Feeling the wrath of my neglect, my money didn’t stick around long — it left my bank account as swiftly as entered it.

Yes, you’ve guest it. This relationship didn’t end well. Things got so bad that my money and I led separate existence: I lived with debt…

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It would be nice to be able to make up to £1,000 per month, right? This will cover (mostly) your monthly bills and allow you to chase your dreams and, eventually, live life on your terms.

But you and I live in the real world and know that making this kind of money, especially on top of what you already earn from your employment, is impossible. Let’s forget the sunny beaches, the dewy mornings in the green mountains and the freedom to indulge in our passions. Let’s get back to the grind with no hope for a different future.


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  • Research shows an average retired couple in the UK spends £26,000 annually to live comfortably.
  • What you need to retire comfortably depends on the life you want in retirement.
  • Estimate how much money you need to retire by estimating your needs (and wants) across sixteen spending categories.

The other day I was chatting to a friend about retirement and pensions. See, it is not only that I like talking about ‘all things money’; there comes a time in life when conversations about dating and trendy bars give way to chats about varicose veins, retirement plans and misplaced pensions (and spectacles)…

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Do you still lament the opportunity you missed five years ago?

Guess what?

Opportunities are ten for penny: you have to learn to spot them.

Even better, you have to learn to create and implement them.

It doesn’t matter whether it is about getting a job, creating work, performing at work, building a business or developing a side hustle.

Anyone can do it! You can do it.

After all, an ‘opportunity’ is nothing more than a problem you have solved in a creative way.

This is the ultimate guide to help you generate, develop and implement ideas so successful that…

Investment lessons to soar your success
Investment lessons to soar your success
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‘Investing today is easy’ — you may think. ‘I just put my money in low cost Index Funds and it is done. Why do I need investment lessons?’

Not so fast, friend. Investing is a bit like learning English — is easy at a very basic level. Masterful investing, so that in the long run you win never mind what happens (except for major catastrophes, of course, like war and the end of the world), is not as straight forward.

For masterful investing, you need investment lessons.

Here I share with you ten important lessons for masterful investing I learned…

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Experts like to create mythology around personal finance — a land of semi-truths, dreams and stereotypes where experts are the high priests.

It isn’t that they try to deceive you on purpose; it is just that the nature of expertise is to offer tried and tested advice. In times of change, when the world no longer fits our tried and tested notions, expertise lags behind the world.

And our world is changing.

The network economy is gaining ground from the industrial economy.

Jobs are being outsourced. Young people are expected to have to change career approximately twenty times over their…

Maria Nedeva

Life is not what happens, it is what you do next. Come and visit with me on https://www.themoneyprinciple.co.uk

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